Cataction Bungaree Review

If you have an active cat, then the Bungaree® is definitely the product for you. Bungaree® is part of the Cataction™ line of cat toys with the slogan of “Exercise for your cat’s mind and body”™. This product is definitely a work out.
I purchased this toy for my cat awhile back, and she went absolutely nuts over this. This toy is a plastic type base that goes over the top of any door with a string (a really stretchy) string hangs down from this with a toy mouse on the end with eye catching feathers on the end for a tail.

The product hangs and swings with a breeze or whenever your cat runs up for a swing. Assembly is easy, all you do is slip the plastic piece above a door of your choosing and turn the knob to ensure the product is hung quite snuggly. Once you have done that, your cat is now ready to stalk and pounce on their prey!

I definitely would recommend this product to cat owners because I know cats can be choosey, and mine is quite the choosey feline. Once she saw this and saw what it could do, there was no stopping her. It is definitely worth the $7 you pay for this product as it will provide hours and hours of enjoyment for you and your pet.

If you are not comfortable leaving the Bungaree® on a door at all times, the good news is, you can still use it even when it’s not hanging on a door. You can drag this toy around your home, which makes this an interactive toy for pets and children; it’ll keep both happy and occupied!

The only problem that I see with this product is the fact that the plastic can be quite flimsy. My cat likes to pull and tug on the mouse on the end of the string, and after years and years of wear, this finally led to a crack forming in the piece. However, this product lasted several years before I had to purchase another. Several years of wear and tear on a product such as this, especially when younger cats are playing is definitely an ok thing in my book.

I’ve only ever seen this product in Petsmart stores, and online through their website. I have not seen this product in smaller pet stores around me, but some smaller stores in other areas may carry this product.

I hope you and your cat enjoy the Bungaree® as much as we have!

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