How to Care for Your Furry Feline

Having a cat can be a big responsibly but a very rewarding relationship. There are several things that you must do to take good care of your cat. If you are going to have more than one cat it is important to first make sure that you get them used to each other. In order to make them not fight each other, limit their contact and make sure each has its own one on one time with you. Eventually, after about 2-3 weeks, they will accept the fact that they are both family.

You must take care that the litter box has fresh litter in it everyday. If the odor bothers you but you can not afford the expensive litter sprinkle arm and hammer baking soda every day after you clean out the waste. If you are unable to clean up the litter box every single day, to minimize odor you can also use cedar chips or potting soil.

Remember to spay and neuter your animal unless of course you want your house to stink horribly. Female cats if not spayed go into heat every month. The howling at all hours, wet spots on the carpet, not to mention the submissive behavior when you try to show a little affection.

Male cats are just as bad if not worse when they are not neutered. They howl at all hours and like females try to get out of the house every chance they get. Their whole life’s mission becomes all about having kittens. It is not only that one cat can irritate you when it howls but often gets frustrating and annoying when it calls every other stray cat in the neighborhood over to your home.

Flea products and treatments can be pretty scary. For the king of all nightmare flea products please read my previous article, “Flea and Tick Treatments: Are You Poisoning your Pet?” . To keep a healthy coat on your cat be sure to bathe it at least once every two months for a “house cat” for a outside cat be sure to bathe it once a month. Be sure to de-worm your cats and get then Rabies shots as nothing can suppress their natural instinct to hunt. The last thing you want is for your cat to hunt and inadvertently get rabies from the rodent that it attacks. This is a very scary and sad disease to watch destroy your companion.

Feeding your cat requires a consistent menu. This menu should consist of a half a cup of dry cat food three times a day and once in a while (maybe once a week) human food or canned cat food. Make sure that they always have plenty of water as cats are very cleanly and clean themselves often, this requires a lot of liquids to consume.

Be sure to load up on catnip toys, please to not think of this as a drug. It is simply a grass that cats are attracted to. They love the scent and the taste making it a wonderful toy that smells like the great outdoors. Fuzzy mice that have a “real life” feel are a hit with cats as it stimulates the hunter inside. Be sure to play with your feline a lot, at least once every other day as this will teach them to trust you and they will look forward to the interaction.

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