How to Make Toys for Your Pets

When it comes to pets the price of toys, can become very expensive. So have you ever considered making your own pet toys? You can make toys for your dog, your cat, even your guinea pig. The first thing that you need is of course an imagination! When it comes to smaller animals their toys can be a lot simpler. Let’s take hamsters for example they usually will need something wooden that they can chew on. In the winter time you can usually find plenty of wood for free from various locations in your own area.

Or you can visit your own backyard for scrap pieces of wood. Make sure that the woods you get are safe and pesticide and chemical free. Never by cedar or evergreen type of woods. If you have a fruit tree in your yard the branches are very good for hamsters and other small animals like them to chew on. You may also be able to visit your local home depot store or an arts and craft store and purchase small wood blocks or shapes that have not been chemically treated. These pieces of wood are very cheap and affordable and lots of fun for your little pet. If you are handy with wood then you can try making steps or a wooden tube for you pet to crawl through. In order to make a good hiding place for small animals you can also use an old cardboard box. Most hamsters and small animals also like to chew on cardboard. You can take a small box open both sides, put a little of grass, or (whatever you use in the cage) inside the box, and place it in their cage. Make sure that the cardboard you use does not have any commercial ink. You can also use your empty toilet paper, or paper towel tubes, just make sure that there are no signs of glue on them. If you are not sure weather or not the cardboard is safe then you should not use it.

When it comes to dogs and cats you can start by sewing, a small plush toy. Animals don’t really care what the toy looks like so it does not have to be perfect. You can purchase some material and some cotton and sew an odd shape or even sew a pillow. Make sure that you use material that is firm and sturdy so that it will take some time for your pet to destroy it. To make it more fun you can put a dog biscuit or a cat treat inside of the pillow. Of course this means that they will tear it up a lot quicker, but they will definitely have fun doing it. Try also using your imagination to come up with additional toys that you can make for your pet, that will save you money, and still provide your pet with hours of fun.

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